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The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier

Stylish - Lightweight - Portable - Versatile!

The ideal front carrier for little babies. Sleek, stylish, comfortable, supportive, flexible and lightweight. Folds down to fit in your bag or purse. Ideal for newborns and smaller babies who get lost in other carriers. Always a perfect fit!

The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier Collection

  • Hold your newborn-to-20 pound baby close to your heart in a safe, supported, upright position. Great for babies with reflux...your baby can nap and digest after a feeding in a supported vertically upright position and not suffer pain/wheezing/choking from sleeping reclined or laying flat with a full stomach.

  • Specially woven unique cotton fabric has just a touch of unidirectional stretch. Perfect for babywearing!

  • Pretty colors flatter every complexion. Hard to choose just one!

  • Just slightly stretchy across the width of wrap for cuddling your baby and your shoulders...NOT stretchy down the length.

  • Your wrap will stay sleek, snug and supportive, won't bag, sag, or loosen up while wearing!

  • Lightweight, strong, breathable and fast-drying.

  • Slim-fitting fabric is great in hot weather, or under a winter coat. No excess bulk!

  • Packs down to a small size, stays clean and contained in its matching TPB Wrap Stuff Sack. Keep it in your purse or diaper bag!

  • Middle of wrap is clearly marked with satin for quick, easy ties.

  • Matching TPB Wrap Stuff Sack included for free. No need to fold your wrap, simply grab it and start stuffing it away in its sack! Stylish bag keeps your wrap clean and contained between uses.

  • 5 yards long, 23 inches wide. 96% Cotton / 4% Spandex.

  • TM from Phoenix, Arizona says -
    "An essential baby item! I have used several types of carriers and a few different wraps and this one is hands down the best one. The material is light and breathable so baby (and you) don't overheat - I carried my newborn around in July in Phoenix in this. It's portable, easily stores in a diaper bag. It's washable! It's also pretty.

    I did not find it difficult to learn to use, it's actually much easier than the stretchy wraps. I also was able to tie it once and pop baby in and out several times before I felt the need to tighten it again. I can't recommend this enough."

    Mira from San Jose, CA says -
    "The fabric is a perfect blend of soft, stretch and support, and it's substantial without being bulky.The middle accent color marker is brilliant, saving time and energy, as is the stuff sack. I gave one as a gift, and although my girlfriend was initially a little intimidated, after being shown how to use it, she is now in love with her wrap. I wore her son for over an hour while vacuuming and was very impressed. I've been a babywearer for over 3 years, having tried many styles of carriers and this wrap is perfect. I can't wait for more friends to have babies as I plan to give these to everyone I know."

    Wrap carriers allow for total flexibility in adapting to your baby's age, muscle tone, moods and energy/interest level, as well as to *your* body type.

  • If your baby is very alert, curious and active, then you can leave the arms untucked for full range of movement, and maximum ability to look around.

  • If your baby is wanting to cuddle but still look around, then you can leave *one* arm untucked, which keeps your baby close to your heart but still allows movement and visibility.

  • If baby is tired and wants maximum cuddling, or is newborn and needs lots of support, then wrap both arms inside.

  • If baby is asleep and needs full head support, then wrap both arms AND tuck the head in as well, leaving the face exposed.

  • Once you put your TPB Wrap on, you can pop your baby in and out at lightning speed without any need to readjust in between. Perfect for around the house, running errands and shopping, ideal on planes and in airports.


    The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier - Easy Cross Carry Tie Printable Instructions

    Or watch the video at the top of this can watch it on YouTube too! (site registration required, but it's worth it) has LOTS more tie options for your wrap (front, back, hip) once you get your bearings, as well as step-by-step photo and video instructions.

    Once your baby gets to be about 20 pounds, or if you want to back carry, you are probably better off using a soft structured carrier such as the Beco Butterfly, Pikkolo or Boba Toddler Carrier.

    You will likely find back carries to be much easier and more secure with an SSC like the Beco Butterfly or Pikkolo, and the padded waistband of thse carriers is generally more comfortable when carrying an older and heavier baby. But for little babies, a good wrap carrier is hard to beat!

    Diana of has some wonderful videos on her website that show how to nurse your baby in a wrap carrier. You can find many other instructional wrap-tying videos on her site as well.

    If you pop your baby out for breastfeeding, your TPB Wrap can serve as a privacy cover. No need to untie it, just spread out one of the "straps" of the X of the Cross Carry Tie.


    After much experimentation with many different types of fanrics in different weights, weaves and materials (see some of them below), I found the ideal fabric. It's a tightly woven, crisp premium cotton with 4% Spandex that is extremely light and breathable (much like a fine white button-down business dress shirt), and you can fold it down to almost nothing. There's no bulk to it at all. Excellent for warm climates, and easy to wear under a coat in cold climates.

    This special fabric has a touch of unidirectional stretch (ONLY on the width, not on the length, so will never bag or stretch too much). It holds and cuddles and wraps around the baby perfectly. Very comfy on the shoulders, and even drapes stylishly when the baby's out of it. The original fabric that I used was sadly discontinued, but I have been able to have it recreated and custom woven especially for you. Hooray!

    How does The Portable Baby Wrap compare to the other types of wrap carriers available?

    STRETCHY COTTON WRAPS are very common and inexpensive. There are many similar brands made out of cheap T-shirt type cotton fabric. Stretchy jersey wrap

    Unfortunately, they are only really useful with newborns...these types of wraps stretch, but then do not bounce back. They bag out with an older baby's weight, the baby starts sinking southwards, and you will feel the need to untie your stretchy cotton wrap, tighten it up, and re-tie it every 20 minutes to keep your baby from sinking past your belly button. (For reference: in any baby carrier, for correct ergonomics you want your baby's bottom to be sitting no lower than your navel. This will keep your posture correct.)

    You also need to do a more complicated tie with stretchy wraps, because the fabric is so stretchy and baggy, it cannot support the baby's weight without looping around you and the baby several times. You cannot use the simple and quick Easy Cross Carry Tie, as you can with The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier. Stretchy cotton jersey wraps are not secure for the baby unless you have an extra loop in the tie to help secure your baby (visible in the photo as the outer band of fabric coming across horizontally...sometimes called a "pocket" - the version of Cross Carry Tie used with stretchy wraps is often called Pocket Wrap Cross Carry), but the extra loop is a pain in the butt to do when you're tying. The simpler Easy Cross Carry Tie you can do with your TPB Wrap is a breeze by comparison.

    Stretchy cotton wraps can be HOT with all those loops of fabric around you and your baby. In the photo shown, I was a new first-time mom out for a hike with my baby and I just didn't know any better. I used a stretchy wrap and you can see it sagging all around my baby instead of supporting him. I should have spread it out a little more (and facing out is tricky for this), but even better would have been to wear him in a more supportive, non-sagging carrier.

    Girasol is great, but too bulky.GERMAN WOVEN WRAPS are fantastic in many ways, but didn't meet my ideal. They all use fairly heavy fabrics, making them quite bulky. Look at the size of that tied knot under Julian's butt. It's huge!

    When I took my baby out of a German Woven Wrap I still felt like I had a heavy shawl on. That fabric is cozy in cold weather, but somewhat suffocating in hot climates.

    In the photo at left, I'm in Mexico, and wow am I hot with that German woven wrap on. Look at my sweaty face, and my sleeping little baby is red as a beet, even though I uncovered him as much as I could. The Portable Baby Wrap is light as a feather by comparison. You can wear it around with no baby inside and it's quite nice, like a lightweight shirt.

    The German woven wraps that I've used (and I haven't used them all, obviously) don't have a middle marker either, which means that you have to measure out your wrap, dangle and dirty the ends on the floor, then guess where to grab the middle. And I never did get it quite right measuring by eye, which means one long end and one short end when you're tying it in front. The first thing I did when I designed The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier was to add a strip of pretty fabric to mark the middle. The middle marker gives a little semi-hidden flash of color at the small of your back, very chic and elegant.

    The German woven wraps can be extremely expensive as well, even used. Pricing varies, but they average $125, with a range from about $85 all the way up to $190.

    COTTON GAUZE WRAPS are touted as being breathable and good for hot, sweaty weather, but they are scratchy, baggy, and heavy. They do breathe well, and allow air to flow, but still way too much fabric. Like jersey, gauze stretches out and doesn't bounce back. Your babe will sag. And most of the ones I have tried have been unbearably scratchy because they need to be somewhat stiff for support...can't imagine putting a baby's tender skin next to them. If you go in the other direction and get very soft cotton gauze, then it just sort of puddles around the baby, the edges of the fabric actually roll in towards the middle of the wrap. That's why you don't see soft gauze fabric used for wraps, just the stiff and scratchy kind.

    HEMP WRAPS sound good, and maybe if you use them for a loooong time they will soften up enough to be comfy (but by then you will have a school-age child, not a baby anymore). I tried making wraps with many different blends and types of hemp fabric and it was always heavy and very scratchy. The one exception was a hemp-silk blend that was lightweight, but so slippery that it was just not safe for use as a baby carrier. The edges rolled inwards and the baby slipped around inside. It was also one of the most crazy expensive fabrics that I tested. Holy moly. I was really sad when it didn't work out, because I shelled out some serious coin for five yards of it.

    TPB Wrap Sacks

    I was camping last summer, and as I was putting my sleeping bag away, I thought how easy and practical a stuff sack made that process. You take your voluminous sleeping bag, grab the first corner of it near you, and start stuffing it into the little bag. The elastic opening keeps the sleeping bag contained as you stuff more and more of it into the bag, and within 30 seconds you can have the whole sleeping bag packed away very compactly.

    When I was developing The Portable Baby Wrap, I used that same idea, and created a matching TPB Wrap Stuff Sack for compact storage and safekeeping. Your wrap will be a bit wrinkled if you put it away like this, but wrinkles in a wrap are actually a good thing. They enable a better, closer fit for you and your baby. So go ahead and stuff your wrap in the Wrap Sack when you're not using it. It will stay clean, compact, and ready for the next time you need it. I'm including it for free with each TPB Wrap Carrier. Enjoy!

    I wanted a wrap that would look sleek, chic, modern and minimalist, something to go with casual OR dressy. Neutral, yet not boring. Comfortable, cool, light, soft, easy to care for, and easy to tie. Middle of the wrap clearly marked. No sagging or bagging. That's the wrap I made. Hope you like it!

    IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Always take your baby out of The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier before untying.


    Baby carriers are designed to assist caregivers in carrying babies. Caregivers are ultimately responsible for the safety of a child while he or she is in the carrier. The Portable Baby is not responsible for improper tying or misuse of any baby product.

    When using *any* baby carrier, please keep the following safety tips in mind:

    • Read and follow all manufacturer's instructions for use, and watch any included DVDs or videos, if applicable.
    • Ensure you can see your baby's face at all times if 4 months old or younger. Do not let baby's face press into your body. Do not cover baby's face with a blanket, sling fabric, nursing covers, etc.
    • Baby's head and neck must be gently and completely supported, with chin off chest. If baby's chin is pressed tightly to baby's chest, this can restrict baby's airway. Check to ensure you can slip your finger between baby's chin and chest to check for correct positioning.
    • Consult an expert if your infant was born with a low birth weight, such as a preemie or twins, or if your infant has respiratory illness or other respiratory problems. Extra vigilance is required with these babies.
    • After nursing in a carrier, remove baby from breast and return baby to proper carrying position with head above the breasts and face free of fabric and turned away from the mother's body. Proper ergonomics dictate that the baby's bottom should be sitting at or above your navel, not below.
    • Attend to and check on baby often.
    • Your balance may be adversely affected by your movement and the movement of your child. Take care when bending or leaning forward, sideways or backward.
    • To avoid the risk of injury when learning to use a carrier, do so over a bed or other cushioned area, ideally with the help of another person.
    • Carriers should not be used by people with physical problems that might interfere with safe use, including but not limited to: muscular, circulatory or skeletal problems, problems wtih balance or dizziness, or painful disorders or the back and legs.
    • Carriers should never be used if the wearer is impaired by alcohol or other intoxicants, as balance and reflexes may be affected.
    • An individual in good health should be able to carry 20 percent of their body weight in a back carry without problems. A well-conditioned individual can usually handle up to about 35%. However, each individual is different. Be sure that you carry only what your personal health and safety allow. Front carries are harder on your body than back carries.
    • If you develop shoulder or back problems, please discontinue use and consult a medical professional.
    • Do not use a carrier when jogging, biking, rock climbing or participating in other strenuous activities in which a fall could be dangerous to you and your baby.
    • Inspect your baby carrier regularly for any signs of wear and tear at seams or around buckles, and if any are noted, please discontinue use and contact the manufacturer.
    • Happy babywearing! Enjoy the journey, it's a beautiful one. Remember, the days may go by very slowly sometimes, but the years pass quickly. :-)

    Click any page to see the manual full-size!

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    Rebekah says: "LOVE my TPB Wrap carrier! #1 baby accessory that made traveling by plane cross-country so successful! :)"
    Rebekah traveling with her TPB Wrap
    TPB Wrap in Chocolate Tangerine
    $60 SALE! $35
    The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier in Chocolate Tangerine
    The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier in Chocolate Tangerine - side view
    The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier in Chocolate Tangerine - back view showing middle marker

    TPB Wrap in Violet Honey
    $60 SALE! $25
    The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier in Violet Honey
    The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier in Violet Honey - Wrap is pulled up to support the sleeping baby's head
    The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier in Violet Honey - back view showing middle marker satin

    TPB Wrap in Cotton Candy
    $60 SALE! $19
    The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier in Cotton Candy
    The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier in Cotton Candy - Action Shot

    TPB Wrap in Red & Black
    $60 SALE! $35
    The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier in Red & Black
    The Portable Baby Wrap carrier in Red & Black - one arm out
    The Portable Baby Wrap carrier in Red & Black - back view

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