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Child's UPF 50 UV Protective Long-Sleeved Swim/Sun Shirt

Protect your children from damaging UV rays economically with no fuss, no worries and no effort! Swimming and water activities demand extra coverage, whether in the water or out, and yet no sunscreen is completely waterproof, and very few are truly effective against both UVA and UVB rays. This sun/swim shirt (aka rash guard), on the other hand, can be worn all day to protect your child's delicate skin from the sun. Made of a lightweight stretchy nylon rated 50 UPF wet or dry, these feature a protective high neck and full long sleeves to shield the forearms. Rinse after chlorine or salt water use.

I really like this shirt because I can put it on my sons (along with their sunhats, of course) and then I just have to apply a good sunscreen to their hands, legs and tops of feet. Much easier in every way than trying to apply sunscreen to a child's entire body.

A physical barrier such as sun-protective clothing provides lasting and complete full-spectrum UV protection. You can *see* if an area is protected or not, no more wondering if it's time to re-apply, no more wondering if you missed a spot. And swim shirts save a TON of money on sunscreen! Like I said, I only have to apply sunscreen to a few small body parts, and not to broad areas like the back, chest, arms, shoulders, etc.I never run out of swim shirt, never have to deal with empty tubes.

Most sunscreens are not only ineffective, they almost all contain known toxic chemicals (such as the hormone disruptor oxybenzone) that penetrate the skin and appear in the bloodstream within 20 seconds after application. (For a safe *and* effective sunscreen, check out Thinkbaby SPF 50+, which I love!).

As an additional benefit, swim shirts won't harm water quality. Pools and hot tubs can get clouded up and filters gunked up by sunscreen washing off into the water, and most sunscreen ingredients are poisonous to marine and freshwater organisms (especially coral), so if you go into the water with lots of sunscreen on, you become a measurable source of water pollution. Wouldn't you just rather put on a swim shirt?

This is a great item to have at least one on hand at home for the pool, lakes, the beach, even running through the sprinklers, and definitely before you go on any sort of vacation involving water. Once you get to your destination they either won't have children's swim shirts, they will be poor quality (never buy a white sun shirt!), or they will be double or triple the price. So stock up now and get ready for fun in the sun, wherever you might be. It's much easier to already have a sun shirt tucked into your bag than it is to go looking for one when you really need it!

And yes, you can get sun hats that are also UPF 50!

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 Kid's UPF 50 UV-Protective Shirt


Child's UPF 50 UV Protective Long-Sleeved Swim/Sun Shirt in Berry
Child's UPF 50 UV Protective Long-Sleeved Swim/Sun Shirt in Royal Blue
Note: These run a little small. I prefer to have them be a bit bigger so that they are easier to put on and take off, and give growing room. Even an 8mo can wear a 2T sun shirt, just roll up the sleeves a little.

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