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Strider Balance Bike

The Strider bike is a revolutionary new learning vehicle for 1-5 year old children. Besides providing great fun and exercise, the Strider also teaches steering, balance, co-ordination and builds self-confidence. At 6.7 pounds, the Strider is less than half the weight of a tricycle or small pedal bike with training wheels. The adjustable seat height starts at 11 inches to accommodate the shortest of new riders (about 30 inches tall) and extends to 16 inches to allow the Strider to grow with the child.

With its welded steel frame and foam-filled, puncture-proof tires, a Strider is capable of handling off-road ventures into grass, dirt, gravel, and even mud puddles! Kids and parents will no longer be limited to paved walkways for their outdoor adventures.

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Strider Product Details

  • Frame Custom welded, thin-gauge steel alloy with integrated footrests
  • Fork Welded steel, 70 degree headtube angle
  • Paint Certified compliant with California Proposition 65 lead standards
  • Tires All terrain, puncture-proof, molded foam… no flats, ever!
  • Wheels 12 inch wheels with sealed bearings riding on steel axles. Strong, light, one piece design with proven no-flat EVA Polymer tire.
  • Saddle Mini-Saddle on 220mm Seatpost. Smaller, narrower and lighter than a typical saddle to better fit a toddler's tiny hip spacing.
  • Seatpost 7/8" dia., chrome plated steel, 70 degree seattube angle
  • Handlebars 7/8" dia., one piece custom welded steel with zero reach stem. Mini-Grip Handlebar and Mini-Handgrips. 43% smaller diameter than standard grips to better fit a toddler's small hands.
  • Handlebar Pad Adds extra protection and cool motocross styling.
  • Quick-Clamps on Seat AND Handlebar Easy, no-tool assembly and adjustment makes life easy for parents and insures proper fit for a growing child.
  • Weight 6.7 lbs. without optional brake
  • Seat height Adjustable from 11" to 16"
  • Handlebar height Adjustable from 20" to 22
  • Handlebar width 14"
  • Wheelbase 22"
  • Overall length 33"
  • Optional brake Welded steel, foot operated friction type with polyurethane spring
  • Packaging Color printed box with handle, 7"w x 15"h x 29"l


Strider FAQ

1. For what age group is Strider built?
The Strider balance bike is built mainly for children ages 1 to 5 up to 50 lbs.
2. Can the seat height be adjusted?
The seat can be adjusted from 11 inches to 16 inches to accommodate the needs of your growing child. An optional XL seatpost (extra-long) is available... this increases the max seat height to 18".

3. Is any assembly necessary?
Assembly is very basic, taking approximately 5 minutes: tighten one bolt to align the handle bars and two nuts to mount the front wheel. Adjust the seat height to fit your child and your Strider balance bike is ready to go.

4. What does the Strider weigh?
The Strider weighs less than 7 pounds, (less than 1/3 the weight of a comparable pedal bike with training wheels!) It is light enough for a very small child to lift over obstacles and easy for a caretaker to throw in the back of the car for an outing at the park.

5. Does the Strider come in a choice of colors?
Yes, the Strider comes in red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and pink.

6. Does the Strider balance bike have brakes?
The beginning rider should only use his/her feet against the ground to control speed and to stop. For the advanced rider, the Strideris designed to accept an optional foot-operated rear friction brake that not only stops the Strider quickly, but also creates a cool skidmark when applied hard!

7. How does the optional rear brake work?
The rear brake is a simple lever that presses a friction plate against the rear wheel. The lever has a single pivot located on the underside of the frame and an elastomer spring to hold it disengaged. The rear brake is a simple one-bolt installation that takes just a couple minutes with basic tools. This can be ordered along with your Strider bike, just add it to your cart.

8. Why doesn't it have a hand brake?
Strider researched various "stopping" methods as they relate to really young children. In the end, in a panic situation, the natural instinct of children is to put their feet down. Even children capable of using a brake revert to planting their feet if they have to stop quickly. The hand brake option does not make sense based on child anatomy... just gripping the bar is a handful for a 2-3 year old hand... their fingers are not long or strong enough to pull a brake lever.

9. What kind of tires does the Strider running bike have?
In keeping with our emphasis on the "Fun" factor, the Strider comes with super-light, maintenance-free EVA Polymer tires. No flats, no pumping air, just get on and go. The actual outside diameter of the foam tire is 11 inches.

10. What type of material is used to build the Strider?
The majority of the Strider frame is made from durable, light gauge steel tubing, the wheels from heavy plastic, and the tires from an EVA Polymer. The Strider is not a fragile toy; it is a well-built vehicle that should easily serve several growing children.

11. How does riding a Strider benefit a child?
With the light weight and simplicity of a Strider, young riders soon feel confident and in control. At this young age, bicycles are simply too tall, too heavy, and too complex for youngsters to feel this sense of control. Advances in coordination and balance follow quickly as do the development of the thought processes necessary for steering, crossing obstacles, backing up, and doing tricks. To watch this development of thought and skill is actually quite amazing.

12. Does the Strider bike have benefits for parents or other caretakers?
Could one even hope for benefits for a parent from such a small vehicle that benefits kids so much? You Bet! Freedom! Freedom from carrying a tired or rebelling child, and freedom from coaxing a dawdling one to keep up. In fact, the parent will soon become the one trying to keep up; brisk walks, jogging, or bicycling now become exercise options to make outings more enjoyable for everyone. The outings will no longer be limited to flat, hard surfaces either, the Strider will easily handle a forest trail or a two-track dirt road if you feel like a walk in the woods... try that with training wheels or a trike!

13. Does the Strider have a warranty or guarantee?
Yes, the Strider comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty is limited to riders less than 50 lbs. The Strider serial number needs to be registered through to activate the warranty.

14. How will I know when my child is ready to move from a Strider to a regular pedal bike?
When you see your child coasting down hills with his/her feet up, going over and around obstacles, and speeding along with forceful strides, you will know that he/she has mastered the necessary techniques of balance and steering to begin riding a pedal bike. The transition will be quick and easy. However, you will discover that even though your child can ride his/her pedal bike without training wheels, he/she will continue to ride his/her Strider running bike for pure fun. On the Strider, a child is confident enough to continually push to higher levels of expertise. Eventually, these higher thinking, higher level skills are transferred to his/her pedal bike. At this point, the child may 'hang up' the Strider. However, we have found there is usually a one to two year overlap when the child rides both. (note from Laura: My 5yo son rides both his balance bike and his pedal bike. He uses his pedal bike when he needs to cover a longer distance, or keep up with me on my bike. He uses his balance bike for short distances, doing tricks & jumps, and playing around with his friends.)

15. My child is already using a bike with training wheels-can the Strider still be a useful learning tool for him/her?
Training wheels are very scary for children. The sensation of tipping from side-to-side keeps them from focusing on the task at hand, pedaling and steering. Learning to balance and steer on the Strider makes the transition to the pedal bike much easier. Forget the training wheels, once the child is confident on the Strider, he/she will be able to transfer quickly to a pedal bike without training wheels.

16. How early should a parent introduce a child to a new physical activity like biking?
Pediatric neurologists have long noted that there is a rapid learning curve in children ages 0-6 years. Most of the great masters in sports and music have begun study at a very early age. Kids have a natural curiosity about the Strider. They are not typically not frightened by the Strider, and they advance quickly on their own.

General Balance Bike Info
  • If you need to stop or steady yourself, just put your feet down!
  • The child is fairly low to the ground, so has a much more stable center of gravity than on a high bike with training wheels where it is difficult to place your feet flat on the ground, and easy to tip over. In fact, my sons have tipped over and fallen off standard tricycles *many* more times than they have ever fallen over with a balance bike. Going around a corner fast, a tricycle can be extremely unstable, whereas on a balance bike the child's feet are close to the ground, ready to stabilize and rectify any loss of balance.
  • How the bike should fit
    The balance bike rider should be able to sit on the seat and have feet flat on the floor WITH KNEES BENT. Balance bikes are not like a pedaled bike where the rider can typically barely touch the ground when seated. The ability to bend the knees with feet on the ground is crucial for proper balance, propulsion and handling. When the rider's seat is at or below the level of the knees, it's time to raise the seat!
  • Can be used indoors and out
    It's the perfect companion for trips off the beaten track, making rough and bumpy paths comfortable for the rider - a kind of all-terrain bike! My son rides over sand, grass, problem. Every other vehicle gets stuck. Inside, there are no sharp edges to create havoc in the house, scratch floors or furniture.
  • On city sidewalks, super-maneuverable and lightweight balance bikes are fantastic.
    And because kids find riding balance bikes so much fun, walking through the neighborhood, jogging in the park, or going to the beach without a stroller now becomes a real possibility. Kids find it fun to whizz down to the corner store, or take the dog for a walk, or whatever activity they can bring their bike on.
  • Common-sense safety precautions:
    • Do not use without parental/adult supervision.
    • Explain to your child how to brake and stop the bike by using his/her feet.
    • We recommend that your child wears a helmet and other appropriate safety equipment when using the Skuut.
    • Please regularly check that all screws are still tightly fastened.
    • If you notice that this product has been damaged, do not allow your child to use it unless it is properly repaired.
    • For your child's safety and the safety of others, use extreme caution at all times.
    • Do not allow your child to ride near streets and intersections.
    • Do not let your child use the bike on a sloping area or steeply sloping sidewalk. Do not use in areas with obstacles, trees or traffic.

 Strider Balance Bike model ST-4
$108.00 SALE! $97

Strider ST-4 Balance Bike in Red
Strider ST-4 Balance Bike in Pink
Strider ST-4 Balance Bike in Green
Strider ST-4 Balance Bike in Orange
Strider ST-4 Balance Bike in Blue
Updates to the ST-4 Model
  • Sealed cartridge bearings are replacing the former cup and cone bearings previously found on the ST-2 and ST-3 models.
  • New tire tread pattern. The tread is placed closer together for low rolling resistance on hard surfaces, while still providing multiple knobs for all terrain grip.
  • Powder coat finish replaces baked enamel paint. The new coating is longer lasting and provides a more durable finish.
  • Black electrodeposited paint on the ST-4 seat post adds scratch resistance, and the Quick Release clamps are finished with black anodization.
  • Softer durometer grips for more comfortable feel on toddlers' little hands.

If your child is 3 1/2 years old or older, we recommend purchasing the Extra Long Seatpost in addition to the standard seatpost included with the STRIDER. Your child will also enjoy the Foot Brake Kit addition starting at this age...lots of fun!

Don't forget to Register Your Strider Bike!

 Optional Strider Accessories
Foot Brake Kit for ST-2, ST-3 and ST-4 - $15.00
Strider Sports Brake Kit

Guaranteed to leave skidmarks on your driveway and a smile on your child's face.
  • welded steel construction
  • powder coated black finish
  • polyurethane spring
  • mounting hardware
  • simple installation
  • made in U.S.A.

  • Interlocking Strider Stand - $13.00

    Strider Center Stand

    Park your Strider bike in style like the pros.

  • helps keep the garage clutter under control
  • helps children learn to put things in their place
  • works with or without the optional brake installed
  • durable black plastic
  • interlocking design can be used with one or multiple Striders

  •  XL Seatpost (305mm) with Saddle - $10.00
    Strider Sports XL Seatpost

    Extra length seatpost adds 2" more height for taller children.

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