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Reisenthel Ultralight Multipack

Need to carry a bunch of stuff while wearing your baby? Want to keep it hands-free? This super cool ultra-compact Multipack can be worn on either front or back. Unzips from its own tiny pouch to comfortably carry everything you need when babywearing. Wear your Multipack on back when carrying baby on front. Wear your Multipack on front when carrying baby on back!

For years I searched for a bag that allows you to wear your baby AND carry stuff, while remaining hands-free. The ideal bag had to go over both shoulders to balance the weight on your body (no one-shouldered messenger bags to torque your neck), and it had to be able to be worn on either front or back, so that it could accomodate wearing a baby on either front of back. The ideal bag would be worn on the OPPOSITE side of your body from the baby, to balance the weight properly. It had to look cool and sleek, and come in lots of fabulous color choices. It had to be affordable.

Voila! I present to you...the Reisenthel Multipack!

  • Always ready to shoulder your load.
  • Can be folded up compactly and stowed away in its own outside pocket.
  • Additional carrying handle between the shoulder straps.
  • Ideal for hiking, exploring the city, running errands, going anywhere, doing anything!
  • Going shopping and need to bring home the goods afterwards? Put a Multipack in your pocket.
  • Made of tough rip-stop polyester fabric, robust and durable
  • Adjustable shoulder straps allow for a customized fit.
  • Flexible straps allow Multipack to be worn on front or back.
  • Dimensions: folded into pouch - 9" x 6" x 0.8" - open - 11.8" x 17.7" x 3.9"
  • Volume: 3.7 gallons/14 liters
  • Weight capacity: 13 lbs/5.9 kilos
  • Main compartment zips shut, plus a zippered pouch on the outside for keys, transit pass or cell phone.
  • Pouch has a loop allowing it to be clipped to other "hookable" surfaces.
  • Spot clean with a wet sponge and clear water only. Do not machine wash.

Black $19
Reisenthel Ultralight Multipack - Black

Raspberry $19
Reisenthel Ultralight Multipack - Raspberry

Mustard $19
Reisenthel Ultralight Multipack - Mustard


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