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Reisenthel EasyBag Shopper

The EasyBag is straight up the best reusable grocery shopping bag ever. I love this bag! Supermarket checkers comment on its cool factor and ability to hold as much as three other bags. Fellow shoppers ask me where they can get one. My friend Amanda has one too, and she gets the same reaction.

I don't just use it for grocery shopping. I use it for the beach (perfect towel tote), for travel (perfect dirty laundry tote), for hauling my kids' soccer and martial arts equipment to practices (not many other bags fit soccer balls well. Holds a ton of anything you want to tote. Love the way it fits on the edges of the shopping cart. The handle is comfy, the inside pocket is great for holding my keys/ID/credit card/phone, and next time I'm in Europe I will be sure to use the included 2 shopping trolleys tokens. In the meantime, my kids find them fun.

I am an epic grocery shopper...when I go grocery shopping I FILL THE CART UP, because I don't like to go very often, my two boys eat a lot, and I do freezer cooking. I have been able to get a full cart of groceries into two EasyBags. If you are just a regular shopper, you should be able to fit your groceries in 1. I find that an Easy Bag will hold about three regular paper bags full of groceries, easy. Only downside is that it's not structured, so soft or fragile items like chips or bananas can be problematic, but I have some stiff-sided reusable bags for those items... Two thumbs up for the EasyBag!

Reisenthel EasyBags chock full of groceries.
Reisenthel EasyBags chock full of groceries.

  • Smart design unfolds and attaches to shopping carts for easy packing & unpacking. Hooks on either side of the bag attach to the walls of your cart, keeping the bag wide open for ease of use.
  • When you're done shopping, simply remove the hooks on either side and fasten the lightweight, durable handles together with the attached Velcro. If you have a very heavy load, the Velcro might not stay together, but it does the job well enough on light loads.
  • Large zipper pocket inside - perfect for keys, wallets & grocery lists
  • Sturdy and durable. Made to last for years from tear-resistant polyester.
  • Availble in two colors: Red or Black
  • Manufactured with fair wage/fair labor practices.
  • Includes a carrying sleeve with cordlock to keep your EasyBag nice and compact when not in use.
  • Includes two white plastic tokens for European shopping trolleys. Not much use here in the USA, but my kids enjoy playing with them. I imagine myself grocery shopping in Paris or Berlin and using them. Fun!
  • Dimensions
    In pouch: 14" x 2.4" inches
    Full-size: 12.8"H x 15"W x 20"D
    Maximum Volume: 8 gallons (30 liters)
  • Care Instructions: spot clean with a wet sponge and clear water only. Do not machine wash.

Reisenthel EasyBags shown empty in the cart.
Reisenthel EasyBags shown empty in the cart.

Reisenthel EasyBags are really compact when not in use!
Really compact when not in use. Roll up and stick right back into the included sleeve with cordlock. I actually don't use the sleeves for my EasyBags, rather I use them to hold my *other* reusuable bags and keep those nicely organized in the trunk of my car. Yes, I love reusable shopping bags and have a collection. Don't judge. EasyBags are my favorites.

Comfy padded handles for carrying heavy loads!
Comfy padded handles for carrying heavy loads!

Reisenthel EasyBag Shopper - Black $18
Reisenthel EasyBag Shopper in Black

Reisenthel EasyBag Shopper - Red $18
Reisenthel EasyBag Shopper in Red


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