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Ready for a fun, active life again?

  • Is traveling with your baby (& baby gear) a nightmare?
  • Tired of struggling with heavy strollers, carseats, & bulky baby items every time you leave the house?
  • Can't get anything done because your baby constantly needs to be picked up and held?
  • House full of products that only get a few months of use?
  • Ever feel like it's just too much trouble to take your baby anywhere?
  • How long did your baby actually *use* that expensive Exersaucer before it became an eyesore cluttering up your house?
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You simply don't need 99.9% of the products that companies are trying to market to you. Useless, heavy or bulky baby stuff can be a real burden. Baby and parent mobility becomes limited and difficult, causing frustration, resentment and detachment.

The real solution is to own just a few well-designed items that are efficient, portable, space-saving, easy to use, ergonomically appropriate, multitasking, and can be used over long periods of time.

These are products that I recommend because I USE THEM MYSELF. I'm able to share my favorite discoveries with you here at The Portable Baby, and help you make your baby more portable too!

The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier


The Portable Baby Wrap is a stylish, comfy, lightweight and versatile carrier, ideal for younger babies. Lots of gorgeous colors available now ON SALE!

The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier Collection


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Pikkolo Baby Carrier
Get this ultra-versatile carrier in selected prints for $20 off! Face in, face out, hip carry, back carry: 8-45 lbs.
pikkolo in Zephyr

Animal Sandals
Wildly popular with kids, these wooden sandals make 5 different animal prints when worn on sand or soft dirt. Try Cat, Gecko, Dinosaur, Monkey or Owl.

Ashiato Wooden Beach Sandals