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BobaAir Baby & Toddler Carrier

The BobaAir is a feather-light minimalist version of the very popular Boba Baby and Toddler Carrier.

The BobaAir is made of light and durable nylon, and packs away into a tiny pouch that can be easily slipped into a small purse or bag. It has the same size and design as the Boba G3, but has been stripped down to the essentials for ease of use and transport.

Not only is this carrier light and comfortable, but the price is right, too. Only $65! Makes a great second carrier, travel carrier, or to keep in the car for shopping trips and errands. Makes a great first carrier for frugal babywearers wanting a top quality soft structured carrier!

BobaAir Summary

  • Front and back carry
  • Can be used to carry children from 15-45 pounds. The BobaAir is NOT a newborn carrier.
  • 100% nylon, esy to store and clean.
  • Compact, light, and self-storing in a zippered pocket.
  • Waistband range: 25" - 58", no extenders required
  • Built-in sleeping hood.
  • Weighs just 0.7 pounds (317 grams)!
  • Comfortably fits heights 5'0" - 6'3"
  • Same overall design as the Boba G3, but without footstraps, padding, or infant configuration.
  • Made in China/Taiwan in a carefully chosen and monitored factory with fair labor standards and low environmental impact.
  • Machine washable: Wash on gentle cycle in cold water with a mild detergent. Hang to dry overnight in well ventilated area.

BobaAir zipped for storage


Boba Instructions

The Front Carry is designed for children between 15lbs to 30lbs (7kg - 13kg).
Boba G3 instructions for front carry - 01 Boba G3 instructions for front carry - 02
1) Fasten and adjust waist buckle at your back. Waistbelt should be resting on your hips like a pair of low-rider jeans, and should be snug. Allow the body of the carrier to hang down in front. 2) Bring baby to your chest and separate legs (legs should hang over waist belt). It's better if you can hold the baby 2-3 inches above the waistbelt, so as to allow room for the baby to settle down into the carrier.
Boba G3 instructions for front carry - 03 Boba G3 instructions for front carry - 04
3) Bring body of carrier up over baby's back while securely supporting your baby. 4) With your right hand supporting baby, place left shoulder strap on your shoulder.
Boba G3 instructions for front carry - 05 Boba G3 instructions for front carry - 06
5) Switch hands to support baby and bring the right shoulder strap over your shoulder. 6) Bring both hands behind your neck and fasten chest strap. The chest strap should hold the shoulder straps in place just inside your shoulder caps, and neither let the shoulder straps slip off, nor pull them in too far towards your neck. Tighten or loosen your chest strap as necessary to achieve this.
Boba G3 instructions for front carry - 07 Boba G3 instructions for front carry - 08
7) Tighten the shoulder straps by pulling down and back on the adjustment straps if needed. If you feel any chafing or pressure in your armpits, stop and loosen...your shoulder straps are too tight. The baby should be snug against your body without pressure or chafing in the armpit area. 8) All set in front carry!

The Back Carry is designed for children between 20lbs to 45lbs (9kg - 20kg). A baby can be worn in back carry as soon as they have head and torso control though. I wore my second child (a big, tall strong boy) in almost exclusive back carry from the age of 3 months. If you don't have prior experience, know that it does take a little practice for most people to get back carry down and feel comfortable with it. Practice is best done with a happy baby in front of a mirror, with a bed or couch behind you.

The image series below shows a good method to use with a younger baby in back carry. For toddlers, please see my video underneath...I am using the Boba version G2, but the technique is the same.
Boba G3 instructions for back carry - 01 Boba G3 instructions for back carry - 02
1) Place carrier on your back with shoulder straps on shoulders. Fasten waist belt in the front. Slide right strap off shoulder. 2) Holding baby securely on right hip, slide left hand between carrier and your body. Take hold of baby's left foot and pull it through the carrier.
Boba G3 instructions for back carry - 03 Boba G3 instructions for back carry - 04
3) At the same time, bend forward to shift baby's weight to your back. 4) Still bending forward, support baby's bottom with left hand while moving right hand through shoulder strap.
Boba G3 instructions for back carry - 05 Boba G3 instructions for back carry - 06
5) Adjust the strap and then stand up. 6) Tighten the shoulder straps by pulling down and back on the adjustment straps if needed. If you feel any chafing or pressure in your armpits, stop and loosen...your shoulder straps are too tight. The baby should be snug against your body without pressure or chafing in the armpit area.
Boba G3 instructions for back carry - 07  
7) Fasten chest strap. Chest strap should be at armpit level. The chest strap holds the shoulder straps in place just inside your shoulder caps, and should neither let the shoulder straps slip off, nor pull them in too far towards your neck. Tighten or loosen your chest strap as necessary to achieve this. All set! Enjoy your Boba!  


Safety Precautions and Tips
  • The Boba has been stress tested at 60 lbs. We only recommend the holds listed above. The Boba is not intended to carry your baby facing out.
  • Our baby carrier is only intended to help you to carry your baby and should not be used for any other purpose. The baby carrier is also not a safety device on its own, but meant to assist you. You are responsible for the safety of your child while he or she is in the carrier.
  • Always inspect the carrier carefully before each use. Make sure that the fabric is in good shape and does not have any holes. With proper care, our baby carrier should last as long as a good pair of jeans.
  • Put your arm around your baby when you feel it is necessary for added security. Always support your baby while adjusting the fit. Don't let go of your baby until the baby carrier is properly buckled and adjusted.
  • If your baby is moving around a lot in the carrier or stretching his legs out straight like a board please support him and take him out of the baby carrier.
  • The baby carrier is not meant to replace your car seat. Never drive or carry your baby in the baby carrier while in a moving vehicle. Please do not use it while cycling, skating, swimming, skiing or while partaking in any other sports activity.
  • Support your baby with your arms when leaning or bending over. Always bend at your knees.
  • If you are wearing your child while cooking, shopping, sweeping the floor or for any other everyday activities, please pay attention to things that your child could reach out and touch. Be aware of objects that are hot or sharp or any other things around you that could fall or pose a threat to your baby.
  • Be cautious when eating hot food or consuming hot beverages when your baby is in the carrier.
  • When loading for a back carry, your baby should always be supported by one hand.
  • Double check to see if any fabric has bunched up (especially when your baby is dressed in extra clothing or bulky coats) and that the fabric body of the carrier extends to at least the upper back.
  • Make sure to hear the waist buckle click and test to see if it is secure.
  • The carrier is not intended to be used while in the water, or while biking, or any other sport activities.
  • After reading all of these guidelines, we kindly remind you, once again, to use common sense and your best judgment when it comes to keeping your baby safe and secure. Boba Inc. and The Portable Baby, Inc. will not be responsible for accidents arising from improper use of the Boba Carrier.

  • FAQ
    Can baby face out the Boba?

    No, this carrier is not intended for forward facing. The Boba carrier is designed to comfortably carry babies in a physiological manner, oriented toward the carrying individual (either on the front or on the back) with baby's legs supported in a flexed abducted (froglike) position.
    Will the carrier fit both my husband and I?

    The Boba carrier comes only in one size. It is designed to fit most parents between 5 and 6'3" feet tall.
    Is the Boba machine washable?

    Yes, but spot clean the places where it gets dirty (usually around your baby's head) with a clean damp sponge. Machine wash on cold cycle with a mild detergent only when necessary. Air Dry.
    Can I wear the Boba through pregnancy?

    Moms do safely wear their carriers with no problem through pregnancy - some up until the end. Yet, some complain that the belt places pressure on the bladder. It all boils down to personal preference. Ask your doctor or midwife and use your intuition. A Wrap Carrier may be a better alternative, as the fabric can be spread wide and is more flexible and soft.
    How does the Boba carrier compare to framed backpacks?

    The Boba is a soft structured carrier. It is essentially made from a piece of rectangular fabric with foam shoulder straps and a foam waistbelt. Framed backpacks are bulky and hold your child up high, above the shoulders. Although most do offer a great view for your little one, it throws your center of gravity off as the weight distribution is shifted higher, more toward the upper back. Women will especially notice this effect, and may feel unstable or "tippy" when walking or hiking. The Boba carrier distributes the weight of your little one to your shoulders and waist. Most often framed backpacks don't have much of a seat, and instead have leg holes. This means that most of your child's weight is resting on the crotch. The optimal leg support of the Boba, backed by the foot straps, ensures the proper seated position for the support of your little one's hips, pelvis and spine. Also, I have never seen a framed carrier that has a sleeping hood or headrest for when your little one falls asleep. Most of the time when I am hiking, if I pass a fellow parent with a child in a framed backpack, they look at me with envy, and I look at them with pity. Unecessarily huge and unwieldy!
    Can I nurse my baby in the Boba carrier?

    Yes, you can nurse your baby in the Boba! Loosen the shoulder straps to lower your little one so that he/she can latch on. Lifting your breast helps. The extra height and width of the carrier helps make nursing more discreet. After nursing, lift your baby up a little, tighten the straps back up, and carry on!
    How much weight can the Boba carry?

    Although the Boba can accommodate a six year old easily (personal experience!), a weight limit of 45 pounds is recommended, or up until your little one turns four.

    Baby Carrier Accessories

    Baby Carrier Hip Pocket $19
    Pikkolo with Hip PocketGet this accessory Hip Pocket for secure and easy access to important items while wearing your baby.

    Durable fabric, nice design, roomy, good pockets and zippers. Fits all carriers sold on my website.

    Makes it easy and quick to pop out for a quick trip to the store, take a walk on the beach, survive a day of traveling, or anywhere else that you need to keep your stuff safely close at hand and easy to access.

    If you are going out without your carrier, there's no need to transfer your stuff. Just pull out the detachable shoulder strap and your Hip Pocket instantly converts to a mini-shoulder bag! Fabulous!

    This item is also a must-have for travel. Keep plane tickets, passports and wallet attached to your body, right at your hip. No more endless searching through your bigger bags at the airport, no worries about putting your purse down and leaving it somewhere with crucial items inside. Keeps important items safe and secure, right at your fingertips.

    Hip Pocket to fit your stuff, fits any baby carrier I sell.Attaches to carrier waist belt by means of Velcro flap OR two heavy-duty snaps OR a pass-though belt loop, plus has a detachable shoulder strap, a keyring, and all the necessary amenities. Will carry a wallet, sunglasses, keys, small toys...all your essentials.

    And don't worry, it's NOT a fanny pack. Much slimmer and more chic. Can't go wrong with basic black. Matches everything.

    Fleece Carrier Cover $39
    Gorgeous 200 weight microfleece carrier cover from Catbird Baby keeps your baby warm when babywearing without adding bulk or changing the fit of your carrier. Very economical and practical compared to buying a babywearing coat for $200 or more! Fits all sizes of babies and wearers. Outer layer is charcoal gray; lining and pocket are black.

    The foot pocket is elasticized to snug around baby's legs and keep them cozy and toasty warm in cold weather. The top flap simply folds over the top of your Pikkolo, Beco or Patapum and snaps over the shoulder straps. You put it on prior to putting the carrier on, so you can even use it in a back carry easily. 100% polyester, made in the USA.

    Pikkolo with Fleece Cover Catbird Baby Fleece Carrier Cover, showing pocket for feet

    BobaAir $65
    Feather-light and self-storing in a zippered pouch. Made with 100% nylon. Black or Blue.
    BobaAir in Black
    BobaAir in Black
    BobaAir in Black
    BobaAir in Blue
    BobaAir in Blue
    Add a Fleece Cover for only $39!
    Add a Hip Pocket for only $19!

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