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Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier

We are SOLD OUT of all Beco Butterflies. This carrier has been discontinued and is being replaced by the new Soleil carrier. More details coming soon...stay tuned! In the meantime, check out our fabulous Carrier Comparison Chart.

Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier opened to show internal sling into which the baby is buckled. The Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier combines great ergonomics, excellent weight distribution and stylish design, and can be used with children from newborns to toddlers in front and back carries.

If you are wondering how the Beco Butterfly differs from other soft structured carriers, you can check out the Carrier Comparison Chart, but here it is in a nutshell:

The Beco Butterfly makes back carries EASY and SECURE, even with young babies less than a year old. It is a superior baby backpack. You can wear your baby on your back as soon as they have decent torso and neck control.

With my second child, a tall, heavy boy, I primarily wore him on my back past the age of 3 months. It was just easier that way...I had a 3 year old to chase around who also wanted my attention, and who wanted to squeeze, kiss and poke his new brother every time he saw him. Back carry worked out great with my little one. It was easier on my body, too.

The unique internal harness is what makes the Beco Butterfly special. It enables you to securely buckle your baby into the carrier, then handle Baby + Carrier as a single unit. You can pass the baby to another caregiver without removing baby from the carrier. You can put your baby on your back very easily, just like putting on a backpack! Front carries are very secure too.

The photo at above right shows the internal harness opened and ready to receive the baby. The baby is inserted, the harness is buckled closed around the baby. Done!

Photo shows baby inside Newborn Infant Insert of Beco Butterfly Baby CarrierThe Beco Butterfly II comes with a removable infant insert for newborns (shown at left) that allows your newborn (0-2 months) to ride higher in the carrier in an ergonomically comfortable position. Since the insert base is narrower then the actual carrier base, infants can comfortably spread their legs while retaining the recommended seated position of knees at the same level as the bottom.

Photo shows baby inside main of Beco Butterfly Baby CarrierWhen your baby outgrows the need for the newborn insert (usually after the first month of life), you simply place her into the main Y-shaped internal sling. The infant insert can be detached and stored in the outside pocket.

Beco Butterfly Product Details

  • Child can be worn on front or back and easily shifted from one to the other. (See the Beco Gemini for hip and front-facing carries.)
  • Inside Y-shaped panel is attached to the carrier's shoulder straps, which improves the distribution of the baby's weight and enables parents to pass baby from one wearer to another without taking the baby out of the carrier. The inside panel contributes to the safe use of the Butterfly by creating a harness and prevents baby from slipping down or falling out of the carrier.
  • Tall, tapered carrier body provides lots of upper body support for your baby or toddler, holds baby close to your body for greater comfort. Prevents the shoulder strain associated with wearing babies who like to lean backwards.
  • Adjustable buckles on the top of the carrier body enable easy nursing access. In a front carry, loosen the buckles to allow your baby to drop down lower in the carrier. Then lift your breast to allow your baby to latch on. These same buckles also enable you to adjust the closeness of your child to your body.
  • Removable head rest/sleeping hood to support a head of a napping child while being worn. It can be also used as protection from sun, rain or snow - although it is not waterproof. The sleeping hood is stored in a pocket on the waist belt, and can be used in front and back carry. The sleeping hood is typically needed by older children, and usually only if the child is worn in a back carry. In front carry it can be used as a sun shade for younger babies.
  • Ergonomically-shaped shoulder pads adapt to the wearer's body, and are padded with 0.75" foam for ultimate comfort.
  • Sternum (chest) strap is connected to the shoulder straps and slides along their length. No more lost chest straps!
  • Removable newborn insert The newborn insert enables even the smallest babies to ride safely and comfortably in an ergonomically supportive position. This newborn insert can be removed once the baby outgrows the need for it, usually after the first mkonth of life, after which point the child will ride in the regular insert. The newborn insert is INCLUDED with each Butterfly.
  • Stay-put strap with two d-rings is located on the waist belt to keep the Butterfly rolled neatly up for storage. You can use it to roll up and secure the Butterfly around your waist if your child is out of the carrier for a while, and even use the rolled up carrier body as a "hip seat" for a carrying a child in your arms.
  • Padded waistband is firm and supportive while maintaining a slim profile.
  • High-quality designer fabrics are smooth, stylish, and comfortable against the skin.
  • Recyclable packaging is made from recycled post-consumer paper.
  • Padded leg holes prevent chafing of little thighs.
  • User waist range fits 25 - 50 inches (63-127cm).
  • User height range fits from 4'9"-6'2" (144cm-188cm).
  • Recommended care: wash on gentle cycle in cold water with a mild detergent. Hang to dry overnight in well ventilated area. Spot clean when needed. Care instructions are sewn to the carrier on the product label, so you always have them handy.

Baby Carrier Accessories

Drool Pads for Baby Carrier Shoulder Straps $19.99
It is a known fact that babies LOVE to gnaw and drool on the part of the shoulder strap closest to their face. These new pads are a handy accessory for any soft structured baby carrier: Beco Butterfly, Beco Gemini, Pikkolo, Boba, Patapum, you name it! Simply attach them onto the shoulder straps and let your baby drool and chew away happily.

The pads are made of 100% organic terry cotton and are very soft. They are reversible, machine-washable, close with Velcro touch tape, and there are 2 in each package. Preserve your lovely carrier and put on a pair of protective pads today!

Baby Carrier Hip Pocket $19
Pikkolo with Hip PocketGet this accessory Hip Pocket for secure and easy access to important items while wearing your baby.

Durable fabric, nice design, roomy, good pockets and zippers. Fits all carriers sold on my website.

Makes it easy and quick to pop out for a quick trip to the store, take a walk on the beach, survive a day of traveling, or anywhere else that you need to keep your stuff safely close at hand and easy to access.

If you are going out without your carrier, there's no need to transfer your stuff. Just pull out the detachable shoulder strap and your Hip Pocket instantly converts to a mini-shoulder bag! Fabulous!

This item is also a must-have for travel. Keep plane tickets, passports and wallet attached to your body, right at your hip. No more endless searching through your bigger bags at the airport, no worries about putting your purse down and leaving it somewhere with crucial items inside. Keeps important items safe and secure, right at your fingertips.

Hip Pocket to fit your stuff, fits any baby carrier I sell.Attaches to carrier waist belt by means of Velcro flap OR two heavy-duty snaps OR a pass-though belt loop, plus has a detachable shoulder strap, a keyring, and all the necessary amenities. Will carry a wallet, sunglasses, keys, small toys...all your essentials.

And don't worry, it's NOT a fanny pack. Much slimmer and more chic. Can't go wrong with basic black. Matches everything.

Fleece Carrier Cover $39
Pikkolo with Fleece Cover Catbird Baby Fleece Carrier Cover, showing pocket for feet
Gorgeous 200 weight microfleece carrier cover from Catbird Baby keeps your baby warm when babywearing without adding bulk or changing the fit of your carrier. Very economical and practical compared to buying a babywearing coat for $200 or more! Fits all sizes of babies and wearers. Outer layer is charcoal gray; lining and pocket are black.

The foot pocket is elasticized to snug around baby's legs and keep them cozy and toasty warm in cold weather. The top flap simply folds over the top of your Pikkolo, Beco or Patapum and snaps over the shoulder straps. You put it on prior to putting the carrier on, so you can even use it in a back carry easily. 100% polyester, made in the USA.


Checklist for a Perfect Beco Butterfly Fit

1) How tight should the shoulder straps be?
If the shoulder straps (the ones accessible under your arms) are too tight, they will actually lift your baby's weight up and support it with your shoulders. You don't want that. You want your baby's weight to drop down and be supported at the hips. The shoulder straps just serve to pull your baby in closer to your body. If the padding of the shoulder straps feels like it's chafing your armpits, or you feel pressure on your shoulders, you might have the shoulder straps too tight. If your baby is sagging outward, or sagging downward, or you feel like your baby is not snuggled closely into your chest or back, tighten them up.

2) What's the deal with those front-loading straps?
See video below for how to adjust the straps that control the baby's distance from your body (these have the two-handed buckles with the button on them). You want the front-loading straps tight enough so that your baby is snuggled fairly close to you. Your baby's butt should be at or slightly above your navel. If the front-loading straps are TOO tight, then the baby will feel squashed against you, and the baby's weight will not drop down to be supported by the padded waistband. You will feel pressure on your shoulders. Loosen up those straps a little.

If the front-loading straps are too loose, your baby will sink down from your chest towards your belly, and lean out away from you. The top of the carrier body will angle outwards away from you. This will strain your back. Tighten up those straps until your baby is back on your chest snuggled up to you.

3) Chest strap placement and armpit rub
The chest strap (connecting the two shoulder straps) should be at the base of your neck (in front carry), or just below your collarbone (in back carry). If not, slide it up or down the runners to be in the right place. Armpit rubbing can sometimes be relieved by wearing the chest strap placed *lower* on your body, so experiment with positioning and see if that helps pull the shoulder straps out of your armpits. Armpit rub is also typically caused by having your shoulder straps too tight. Try loosening them up.

4) How tight should the chest strap be?
Are the shoulder straps resting just inside your shoulder caps? They should not be resting *on* your shoulder joint, nor too close to your neck, but right in between. If they are slipping out too far onto your shoulder cap, tighten up your chest strap so that it pulls them in.

5) I feel wobbly! or My back is sore!
If you are wearing your baby for the first time on your back, and your baby is older, then your core muscles will need to adjust to babywearing. Keep your babywearing sessions short at first and increase gradually as your back and shoulder muscles strengthen. Make sure your posture is good, stand up straight, and go for a walk with your baby instead of standing in one place.

6) When should I switch to back carry?
Front carry is less comfortable than back carry. Humans are built to carry weight on their backs, not on their front. The Butterfly allows you to put even fairly small babies on your back easily, so if front carry doesn't feel good, then give back carrying a try. If your baby is 20 pounds or over, you should be primarily wearing your baby on your back.

I personally GREATLY prefer back carrying to front carrying, except with very young babies. I don't like having my shoulders pulled forward, and I don't like not being able to see my feet. I had my second baby on my back at 2.5 months and it was great! Much easier on the back, neck and shoulders overall. Pulls your shoulder back so you can stand up straight and tall with good posture. In general, you can put your baby on your back once your baby has good head control. This means that if your baby's body is vertical, he/she can hold her head upright without it flopping over.

However, see #5...when you switch from front carry to back carry you use an entirely different set of muscles, so there might be a new period of adjustment for you as your core muscles strengthen and adapt. I've been babywearing for years, and it still happened to me when I went from primarily front-carrying to primarily back-carrying my babies. Adjustment should not take longer than 3-4 days at most though.

7) When should I use the detachable Newborn Insert, and when should I switch to the permanent Insert?
Beco's rough estimate is that the newborn insert (the one that is detachable) can be used for babies under 15 pounds, but I would say that if your baby is average sized or above and is MORE THAN A MONTH OLD, you don't need the newborn insert anymore. I have seen 12 pound babies that were too tall for the newborn insert and felt much more comfortable in the regular Y-shaped insert.

If the middle of your baby's head is above the rim of the carrier in the newborn insert, take your baby out, detach the newborn insert, tuck it away in the internal pocket, and try putting your baby into the regular Y-shaped insert instead.

If your baby is way down deep inside the carrier (top of head below the rim of the carrier body), then go back to using the newborn insert. Otherwise, use the Y-shaped permanent insert. You will also find that using the regular insert makes it MUCH easier and faster to get your baby in and out of the Butterfly.

Another tip...with newborn babies be sure to move/scrunch the fabric if necessary to accomodate your baby's legs, don't pull your baby's legs around to accomodate the fabric. The fabric doesn't care if you pull it this way and that, or scrunch it up to get it in between those newborn legs. But babies generally don't like being pulled on, or having their legs yanked. ;-)

8) My baby doesn't seem happy in the carrier
Make sure that you are trying the carrier with a recently fed, changed, happy baby. Don't try the carrier for the first time with a hungry, cranky baby. This will frustrate both of you. Also be prepared to walk around a LOT when you are trying to carrier for the first time. If your baby is not used to being worn in a carrier, he/she might need some soothing walking motion to get used to it and feel reassured. Above all do NOT put your baby in and then just stand around like a statue. It's best if you can put your baby in the carrier and then go for a walk. Even walking around your house is fine, if that's all you can manage. Just keep moving.

Your baby may dislike the closeness of the carrier at first. Loosen up the straps (both front-loading and shoulder straps) to give your baby more room to move around in the carrier. See if that helps.

Babies go through phases. They may hate being in a carrier at three months, then at six months they LOVE it. I have had dozens of parents return carriers because "I love it, but my baby hates it!", and then they turn around and buy the same carrier months later because they tried again with a friend's carrier and now the baby adores being worn. So keep that in mind, especially if you have a print that you might not be available at a later date.

Wondering how to adjust the front-loading straps?

When you receive your Beco Butterfly, you will need to adjust it so that it fits you and your baby comfortably.

The front-loading straps (with a front round button and two squeezable sides) are made extra-secure so that an older child cannot reach over and unbuckle or adjust herself. But this does make them a bit tricky to figure out at first.

Here are video instructions for tightening and loosening those front-loading straps. Once you understand how to adjust these, then follow the steps below to check your overall fit!

In my experience, a strap length of about 3 inches works for just about all babies. Your new Beco might come with the FL straps much longer than this, in which case you will need to shorten them for a good fit.

And here is one more good video on the new shoulder strap buckles found on the latest Butterfly carriers. These are attached to the body of the carrier and not the end of the padded part of your shoulder strap. The main instructional videos from Beco (which you can watch below, and which are found on DVD in your Butterfly box along with your Beco) show the old buckle placement, so if you are confused about why the buckles seem to have moved, this should help clear things up!

  1. Beco Anatomy

  2. Front Carry with Newborn

  3. Front Carry with a Young Child

  4. The Back Carry with a Young Child

  5. Front Carry with Toddler - Version 1

  6. Back Carry with Toddler

  7. Folding the Baby Carrier

  8. Download PDF Instructional Booklet

    Download PDF Instructional Booklet

Sierra Butterfly II
Colorful design with birds on black background. Comes with espresso straps. Organic cotton. MADE IN USA.
Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier II in Sierra - click to view larger image in a new window
Swatch of Sierra
Add a Fleece Cover for $39!
Add a Hip Pocket for only $19!
Add Drool Pads for only $19.99!

Metro Black Butterfly II
Jet black organic cotton twill of US origin.
SOLD OUT see another view
Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier II in Metro Black - click to view larger image in a new window
Add a Fleece Cover for $39!
Add a Hip Pocket for only $19!
Add Drool Pads for only $19.99!

Denim Pony Butterfly II
Only 200 produced! Pony print velboa (soft fabric with hair). Comes with denim straps of conventional cotton. MADE IN USA.
Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier II in Denim Pony - click to view larger image in a new window
Swatch of Denim Pony
Add a Fleece Cover for $39!
Add a Hip Pocket for only $19!
Add Drool Pads for only $19.99!

Espresso Butterfly II
Espresso brown all the way. Organic cotton. MADE IN USA & CHINA.
Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier II in Espresso - click to view larger image in a new window
Swatch of Espresso
Add a Fleece Cover for $39!
Add a Hip Pocket for only $19!
Add Drool Pads for only $19.99!

Ashley Butterfly II
Espresso with embroidered white flowers. Organic cotton. MADE IN USA AND CHINA.
Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier II in Ashley - click to view larger image in a new window
Swatch of Ashley
Add a Fleece Cover for $39!
Add a Hip Pocket for only $19!
Add Drool Pads for only $19.99!

Jake Butterfly II
All black with light gray embroidered flowers. Organic cotton. MADE IN USA AND CHINA.
Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier II in Jake - click to view larger image in a new window
Swatch of Jake
Add a Fleece Cover for $39!
Add a Hip Pocket for only $19!
Add Drool Pads for only $19.99!

Duke Butterfly II
Khaki carrier. Central panel has ocean blue with helicopters. Adorable! Organic cotton. MADE IN USA.
Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier II in Duke - click to view larger image in a new window
Swatch of Duke
Add a Fleece Cover for $39!
Add a Hip Pocket for only $19!
Add Drool Pads for only $19.99!

Cars Butterfly II
Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier II in Cars - click to view larger image in a new window
Swatch of Cars
Add a Fleece Cover for $39!
Add a Hip Pocket for only $19!
Add Drool Pads for only $19.99!

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